Amanda McMillen, LCSW

Candidate for School Board 203

As a member of the school board, I will ensure that all students have the resources and support in place to achieve their highest potential.

My Priorities

1. Safeguard our children and faculty to have the resources, planning, and systems in place to reopen safely and responsibly.

2. Help enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion plan so it is integrated throughout the district.

3. Commit to fiscally responsible oversight that ensures students have the resources to match their technological, mental health, and curricular needs.


I believe the school board plays a key role in setting the priorities of the school through its guiding principles, policies and procedures, and establishment of fiscal priorities. Naperville has some of the best schools in the nation; however, it continues to struggle with diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to make all of its residents and youth feel safe and thrive. During the time of COVID, these disparities have escalated and the importance of the school board to make decisions that impact our families and community are heightened.

My experience in working in nonprofit management for over 15 years has prepared me to be able to access the resources and strategies necessary to support through this transitional stage that has been forced on us through this pandemic. To learn more about my professional experience, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.


Please also contact me if you would like to get involved in my campaign through volunteering, hosting a fundraiser, or a "Meet the Candidate" event. You can also contact me with issues that are important to you regarding the school board.

Thank you

Thank you so much for contacting me. I have received your email and will respond within 24-48 hours.